Mutare Kiteboards

Mutare - the Latin word for "to change" - is a perfect description for this board. It adapts to almost all conditions. It changes length to suit transportation, weather, skill level and rider weight. Mutare is a revolutionary concept combining 3 boards in one. For the ultimate in kitesurfing equipment choose a Mutare foldable kiteboard. It is hassle free, easily adjustable and will give you the ride of your life!

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The Mutare kiteboards dismantles to fit into a well-padded protective back-pack. This makes it a traveller's dream on public transport.



By changing length Mutare caters for all wind conditions.


Skill Level:

Most beginner boards are not used after a rider improves, but Mutare will adapt as your skill increases.



Mutare adapts to a range of rider weights.


Mutare package consists of:

2 x Tips - (64cm x 40cm) Including foot straps, foot pads and 4 aluminium fins.

C-12 - (12cm x 40cm) - Optional - This allows the rider to vary the board length to any of these sizes: length from 128cm to 140cm.


Mutare Kiteboard Design

The underside of the Mutare kiteboards is where Progeni's design crew spent most of their time. The double concave in the centre of the board, running out into a single concave on the tips, introduced 2 features unique to Mutare:


The double concave in the middle gives the rider the ability to slide the board sideways when riding flat, but still carve hard when board is placed on edge.


The single concave on the tips really allow you to get on edge and displace masses of water, driving you up-wind like no other board. The single concave and variable rocker design also has the amazing ability to pull the nose up and out of the water when running into waves - this feature allows the rider to run with the front fins in the water (aiding up-wind traction), without the fear of the board digging it's nose.


The double concave through the centre of board, running into a single concave at the tips, gives the board a varied rocker, depending on the board angle. At low angles of edging the board is very stable and forgiving due to the high rocker. The harder you get on edge the flatter the rocker becomes, allowing the board to accelerate like no other

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Kiteboard bag Kiteboard C-12
Kiteboard Fins Kiteboard Tips


Mutare Kiteboard Construction


Tips and C12:

Pre-impregnated epoxy carbon fibre Skins, with Cnc machined high density foam cores. All threaded Inserts are manufactured from 316 Stainless Steel and cast into Resin support blocks (this will ensure that you never will pull an insert out). Fin insert sleeves are manufactured from aluminium, these prevent you from crushing the board when fitting Fins.


Locking Clips:

The clips are Cast Aluminium with 316 Stainless Steel Latch. M4 CSK set screws fasten Clips to board.


Foot Pads:

Heat Press moulded from epdm and bonded to plastic Base


Foot Straps:

High adhesion velcro, bonded to plastic, with neoprene covers. M6 Button head set screws fasten foot straps to board.



38mm Fins are Cnc machined from Aluminium billet